Our ambition is to have a sensibly diversified portfolio, with companies that are in revenue stage or pre-revenue stage provided their technologies and products are disruptive and have the potential to address global markets. We want to drive better investment returns for clients by providing financial means to companies that contribute to a positive environmental impact, in addition to effectively helping these businesses strengthen their market position and materialise their path to growth.

We manage two funds to achieve this ambition:

  • Capricorn Cleantech Fund which is fully invested

  • Capricorn Sustainable Chemistry which is currently active

Capricorn Sustainable Chemistry Fund

With the Capricorn Sustainable Chemistry Fund, we capture the growing opportunities emerging from a pressing need for new technologies that will enable us to re-use, recycle or reduce consumption of natural resources. These technologies significantly reduce the carbon footprint and resource requirements of processes and products and are key to transitioning to a sustainable and ultimately circular economy. Included in this scope are food & feed ingredients, materials and chemical products that have been manufactured from renewable resources and/or through sustainable processes. The Fund focuses on investment opportunities in Europe and North America but will also consider investments in other regions.

The Capricorn Sustainable Chemistry Fund concluded its fundraising in December 2018 with a committed capital of € 86.5 million.

The Capricorn Cleantech team adds value in developing strategy, in building partnerships, in networking globally across the value chain, and in supporting DMC’s growth.
Matthew Lipscomb, CEO and Founder DMC

Capricorn Cleantech Fund

Capricorn Cleantech Fund, which held its final closing in 2008, invested in European and North American innovative companies in a broad range of cleantech areas. These companies specialise(d) in reducing and optimising the use of natural resources, in harnessing the benefits of renewable materials and energy and providing the next generation of sustainable automotive and semiconductor technologies.

The fund’s active investment period is closed and hence it cannot add more companies to the portfolio. It had € 112 million in committed capital.

We look for investments:

  • Active in sustainable chemistry domain

  • Having a proven technology base

  • From early to growth stage

  • Equity investments resulting in a significant minority stake

  • Having their core activity located in Europe and/or USA

If your project meets these criteria, we welcome you to submit your pitch via

Even if your venture is in its early phases, your team is not yet complete, or your business plan needs further refinement, feel free to contact us, because we will help you in improving jointly the investment opportunity if we find merit in it.

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