To subscribe to Quest+ the following options are available:


Subscribing to Quest+ can be possible through your bank or broker.

In this case, please refer to ISIN code LU1699953201.


Investors have the possibility to subscribe directly at Quest Management SICAV to become registered share owners by an entry into the register of Shareholders:

a. For first time subscriptions, all of the following forms which are part of the Application Form must be submitted in original to the management company of the fund, VP Fund Solutions (Luxembourg) SA (“VPFLU”), prior to the order being accepted: “Declarations & Disclosure Statement”, “Order Form”, “Client Identification Form”, “Beneficial Ownership Form” and Self-Certification - Taxation. All four forms must be signed by the same person(s). Additional copies shall be used in case of more than 2 applicants/shareholders/beneficial owners.

b. In general, at least the following supportive documentation must be submitted to VPFLU together with the Application Form for the order to be accepted. Please note that whenever certified true copies are required, those have to be dated and show the name and signature of the certifying person who must be a notary public or representative of a public authority such as (but not limited to) the police, an embassy or consulate, your commune of residence. For Natural Persons:

· Certified true copy of ID card/passport for each of the account holders;

· Proof of residence (e.g. in the form of an electricity or other bill)

· Original signed copy of the latest KIID of the relevant Class(es) of Shares

· Original duly executed Self-Certification - Taxation or relevant IRS-Form for FATCA purposes

· In case the ultimate beneficial owner(s) is (are) different from the applicant(s), the same documents must be provided for (each of) the beneficial owner(s)

Further documents may be requested, if deemed necessary in order to comply with the laws and regulations in effect in Luxembourg


Applications for first time subscriptions, including the documents above, have to be sent to:

VP Fund Solutions (Luxembourg) SA

attn. to Fund Operations

P.O. Box 923

L-2019 Luxembourg


Payments instructions: amount subscribed should be paid to Quest Management SICAV - IBAN LU90 1830 2009 9740 0978 – BIC VPBVLULL.

Should you need help or encounter any problems in your effort to subscribe please contact Capricorn Partners at: