Our added value

Your partner for future growth

Already during the investment process, but most of all once we have invested in your company, Capricorn Partners and its team members will support you in a proactive hands-on way in growing your company and its value for its shareholders.

In order to be able to provide this support and have a view on the progress of the company, we will on most cases require a seat on the Board of Directors.

The support you can expect from the Capricorn Partners team includes:

  • sparring partner for strategy and business development discussions
  • improvement of board operations and corporate governance
  • monitoring and awareness of ESG factors
  • building of the organization and assistance in human resources
  • business planning
  • increase the quality of internal processes and systems
  • attract additional investors for further rounds of financing
  • technology trends watch
  • monitoring of the competitive landscape
  • assistance in building a sales and marketing strategy and organization
  • open our address book
  • networking within the cleantech space and beyond
  • exit planning and IPO preparation

For all clarity, we provide these services as part of our job to create shareholder value. We therefore will not charge our portfolio companies for our effort unless in certain circumstances the company would ask us to provide additional work outside our normal activities.