DMC’s Downstream Processing Proven At Scale

- 13/05/2021

Boulder, CO, USA: 13 May 2021 – DMC Biotechnologies has completed downstream processing for its first product, the amino acid L-alanine. The downstream processing was done at EW Biotech in Leuna, Germany following the successful demonstration of commercial scale fermentation at the same site in March.

The purification of L-alanine from the fermentation broth was successfully completed for more than 6,000 kg of product. Product release testing has demonstrated that rigorous customer specifications for L-alanine were met.

Demonstration of the purification process and achievement of product specifications is the final proof point for DMC’s approach to producing L-alanine. As announced on 21 April 2021, L-alanine is now available at commercial scale following execution of a manufacturing agreement with Conagen.

More information on DMC’s website.