Advancing green chemistry, the circular economy and carbon-neutrality

Through our private venture capital funds Capricorn Industrial Biotech Fund (new venture fund), Capricorn Sustainable Chemistry Fund and Capricorn Cleantech Fund (fully invested), we focus on companies that specialise in clean technology. Cleantech represents new, sustainable technologies that greatly reduce or even eliminate negative ecological impact and improve the productive and responsible use of natural resources. Providing solutions to global challenges and driven by market opportunities, cleantech offers competitive returns. Clean technology spans many industries, but our focus lies on a sustainable and, wherever possible, circular concept of the entire value chain, from sourcing renewable raw materials to manufacturing, in the chemicals, materials, food and feed sectors.

Our ambition is to have a sensibly diversified portfolio, with companies that are in revenue stage or pre-revenue stage provided their technologies and products are disruptive and have the potential to address global markets. Our team is equally diverse and complementary, including experts with finance, technology and industry expertise.

We want to drive better investment returns for clients by providing financial means to companies that contribute to a positive environmental impact, in addition to effectively helping these businesses strengthen their market position and materialise their path to growth.

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Capricorn Cleantech Fund

Fully invested


Capricorn Cleantech is managed by a team of investment experts who benefit from insights derived from both technology know-how and finance. Their extensive experience is built on the team members’ professional careers in academia, venture capital and thechemicals, materials and processing industries. They have the knowledge and the network to make smart investment choices and to support revenue stage or pre-revenue stage businesses in scaling their technology to commercialisation, building winning teams and accelerating their growth.

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FRX Innovations


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Bringing reproducibility and economics to fermentation



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Reducing raw materials use in polymer films


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