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Capricorn Digital focuses on investment opportunities emerging from turning data into actionable insights using AI, Digital Twin, IoT and data science technologies. We focus mainly on applications in digital health and business 4.0.

Business 4.0 addresses digital processing of all business functions across all industry sectors covering Industry 4.0, Proptech and the digital enterprise. Digital health encompasses health related software solutions and connected medtech devices. Geographically, we focus on investment opportunities across Europe, or we expect a clear link to Europe.

Data driven companies and artificial intelligence technologies are key enablers of the digital transformation of our society.
Katrin Geyskens, Partner Capricorn Digital

Currently, we are investing with the above investment strategy out of the Capricorn Digital Growth Fund which has commitments of € 84.5 million. We encompass the full financing continuum from start-up to scale-up usually with initial investments of around € 1 to € 3 million.

The predecessor of the Capricorn Digital Growth Fund was the Capricorn ICT Arkiv Fund, which was set up in 2012, with similar investment focus and achieved excellent returns. This previous fund had a size of € 33 million and is out of its investment period.

Capricorn ICT Arkiv was no longer in fundraising modus at the time when the SFDR entered into force and it had taken all its initial participations before March 2021. Although we consider this fund as promoting environmental and/or social characteristics in accordance with our ESG-Policy, we do not claim to be an article 8 fund within the meaning of the SFDR. Its successor fund, Capricorn Digital Growth fund, however, is considered to promote environmental and/or social characteristics within the meaning of article 8 fund of the SFDR.

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Digital Health
Enabling cognitive health


Scaled Access

Business 4.0
Scalable digital access management

Scaled Access



Business 4.0
Asset tracking solutions in logistics



Our investment managers and advisors have a unique background in science technology, business, and finance, making it a complementary team that is perfectly equipped to help our portfolio companies realize their growth plans. They are deeply embedded in the research and business ecosystem in Europe, and they activate their extensive network on behalf of the companies they invest in. Moreover, the team relies on a dedicated advisory board of six – a backbone made up of industry heavyweights who cover all relevant domains.

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