Integrating quoted and private investments

Quest for Growth is a privak/pricaf, a public alternative investment fund (AIF) with fixed capital under Belgian law, managed by Capricorn Partners NV. Quest for Growth is an Article 8 Fund under SFDR: “a Fund which promotes, among other characteristics, environmental or social characteristics, or a combination of those characteristics, provided that the companies in which the investments are made follow good governance practices.”

The diversified portfolio of Quest for Growth is mostly invested in growth companies listed on European stock exchanges, in venture & growth capital and in venture & growth funds.

Quest for Growth focuses on innovative companies in areas such as digital, health and clean technologies. We have been listed on Euronext Brussels since 23 September 1998.

Share Price

5.06 EUR / Share
21/09/2023 9:16am

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7.66 EUR / Share



Quest for Growth has a diversified portfolio, but with convictions reflected in significant positions in the portfolio. Preference lies in long-term investments, which allows to better understand and judge the company in question.

By having both a quoted and private portfolio, thus integrating two asset classes, the fund gives investors the unique opportunity to invest in venture and growth capital as well as in smaller listed companies.

Investments in private companies are made via or together with venture and growth capital funds of Capricorn Partners, creating unique synergies.

Transparency is another distinguishing factor. Quest for Growth won the ABAF/BVFA Award, organised by the Belgian association of financial analysts ABAF/BVFA, in the category Best Holding & Investment Company.


Waste Heat
Industrial energy from waste heat 


Capricorn Cleantech Fund

Advancing green chemistry, the circular economy, and carbon-neutrality

Capricorn Cleantech Fund


Analyzer systems for diagnostics



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