Capricorn Industrial Biotech Fund

Capricorn Industrial Biotech Fund is an article 9 fund initiative started by DSM, InnovationQuarter and Capricorn Partners, helping to build a sustainable society through early-stage investments in the Industrial Biotech sector in Northwestern Europe. We look for technologies from pre-seed to early stage, which are key enablers for decarbonization and circular economy through sourcing renewable raw materials.

We aim for a diversified portfolio to create value by enabling new ventures in Industrial Biotech in Northwestern Europe. We look for technologies targeting the markets in nutritional ingredients, fibers and textiles, personal care, chemicals and industry enablers. Our team is diverse and complementary, with broad expertise and track record in the ‘green’ chemistry and venture capital industry. We are embedded in the Capricorn Cleantech Practice to leverage our expertise and broad knowledge and experience.

Capricorn Industrial Biotech Fund had its first closing with DSM and InnovationQuarter as cornerstone investors.

Our investment areas

Article 9 Fund

Capricorn Industrial Biotech Fund is an article 9 Fund in accordance with the SFDR: “a fund that has sustainable investments as its objective”.

Capricorn Industrial Biotech Fund invests in early-stage ventures that are using biotechnology solutions to meet the growing demand for products made in a sustainable way. The fund only invests in companies that clearly align their products to meet specific Sustainable Development Goals.

Capricorn Industrial Biotech Fund will enable those early-stage ventures in Industrial Biotech innovation to provide new products and processes while addressing the Sustainable Development Goal.
Rob van der Meij, Partner Capricorn Cleantech

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We look for investments:

  • Active in the industrial biotech domain

  • Addressing sustainable development goals in the Industrial Biotech

  • Unique and defendable IP potential with a visionary entrepreneur

  • From pre-seed to early stage

  • Equity investments resulting in a significant minority stake

  • Having their core activity located in NW Europe

If your project meets these criteria, we would like to review it with you. The fact that your venture may still be in a conceptual stage, your team is not yet complete, or that your business plan is not yet completely finished, should not keep you from contacting us, because we will help you in improving jointly the investment opportunity if we find it with merit.

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