Press release

Chainels secures € 3 million Series A investment to enhance visibility in the European proptech market

24 January 2023

Chainels, the tenant experience app, just announced that it has closed a successful Series-A funding round, raising close to € 3,000,000 from Aconterra and Capricorn Partners via their Capricorn Digital Growth Fund.

The funding coincides with a period of disruption in the real estate industry, as companies diversify their portfolios, invest more heavily in mixed-use assets and look to more innovative solutions for digital transformation. Chainels provides the tools for managers of retail, residential, mixed-use and office portfolios to handle this shift.

Currently, they operate in over 400 communities across 16 countries in Europe and South America. They’ve recently assisted the digitalisation of operations within the residential portfolio of Fuzer by Amvest, as well as the retail portfolio of Multi Corporation. In 2022, they moved into the travel hubs sector, serving Vienna AirportCity and the retail company that serves Dutch national railways.

The tenant experience app includes a booking platform, a ticketing system for maintenance requests as well as data reporting and messaging functionalities – all on one platform. Each feature serves to simplify operations, improve communication, and help build more functional and profitable real estate assets by replacing outdated processes with digital solutions.

Erwin Buckers, CEO says:

  • This is a huge leap forward for the future of Chainels, As real estate companies seek out technologies that optimise property and asset management, we’ve shown again and again that our platform can help them succeed. Our goal is to become the go-to platform to help them lower operational costs, improve tenant satisfaction and retention, and infuse added value into their portfolios.

Sander Verseput, COO said:

  • With our in-house developers and dedicated customer success team, I’m confident that we can continue to realise this vision.

Aconterra and Capricorn Partners, with their background in PropTech, have partnered up to see Chainels through to its next growth phase.

Tim Govaert, Venture Partner at Aconterra said:

  • As an investor with a focus on smart building technology, Aconterra understands the needs of the market very well and believes the Chainels platform is perfectly positioned to solve these needs.”

Steven Lambert, Investment Director at Capricorn Partners said:

  • At Capricorn Partners, we are excited to invest in Chainels given the impressive track record the team has accomplished with limited resources. We are bullish about the market potential for the Chainels solution which addresses many dimensions of a healthy relationship between tenants and property managers. Given our background in Proptech, we look forward to partnering with Aconterra to take Chainels to the next level.”

As it accelerates its momentous growth, Chainels remains committed to its vision and is excited to take this next step in its journey.

More information on Chainels' website.