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To scale their business internationally, Zozio signs with Capricorn Partners, Industrya and The Faktory Fund a €4 million fundraising. This represents a significant boost for Zozio in its quest to become the European leader in Industry 4.0 based on their unique digital platform of the factory logistics. Today, Zozio is already working with well-known players such as L'Oréal, Saint-Gobain, Renault and Daher.

Thinking back to the start of the company, what triggered the creation of the company ?

Bastien Triclot, Founder ZoZio: When I left my engineering studies to work in industry in France and Germany, I met with over thirty industrialists. I came to the realisation that they had a huge technical debt. SaaS office automation or productivity software has mostly been adopter by service companies, but the offering is very limited for logistical operators in factories. From very early on, the ambition of Zozio was to create a unique smart companion for the operator and the operational manager in the production facility.

Zozio has rapidly seen positive traction. What are some of the significant proofpoints with clients about your solution and your approach?

Bastien Triclot, Zozio Founder : With our solution, we are able to increase productivity by up to 10%, eliminate several tons of product waste and improve working conditions. When we meet with manufacturers to explain our solution with its return on investment of 3 months and deployment in 2 days, their faces light up. It's a revelation for these workers who have been neglected until now.

Zozio is able to combine its knowledge of production operations with the new generation technologies to help manufacturers manage their factory flows in a smarter way.
Steven Lambert, Director Capricorn Digital
What are the next challenges and goals for the next phase of Zozio?

Bastien Triclot, Zozio Founder: Our product is already industrialized and deployed in more than 100 sites and 20 countries worldwide. Commercial expansion is our current objective by multiplying by 7 the size of our commercial team within the coming 12 months in France and also in Germany.

You talked to many potential investors. Why did you decide to have Capricorn, The Faktory Fund, and Industrya jointly invest in ZoZio?

Bastien Triclot, Zozio Founder: We had set three criteria in the choice of our future partners: the ability to follow us in the next rounds, the international reach, the fine understanding of the manufacturing industry and IoT. Capricorn Partners, Industry & The Faktory has the best fit to meet our requirements. To top it off, we have had a fruitful collaboration from the start that convinced us they were the right people for Zozio's success.

Zozio in a nutshell

  • Founded in 2019

  • Located in Paris

  • 250% growth rate

  • Presence in over 20 countries

  • Deployment in over 100 industrial sites

What are the reasons that drove Capricorn to invest in ZoZio ?

Steven Lambert, Capricorn Partners : Zozio is able to combine its knowledge of production operations with the new generation technologies to help manufacturers manage their factory flows in a smarter way. Big name manufacturing clients are impressed by the ease of deployment and ease of use, with an immediate return.

What are the reasons that drove The Faktory Fund & Industrya to invest in ZoZio ?

Nicolas Biet, The Faktory Fund: Zozio quickly developed and marketed a solution to a specific industry need. Its first products and its expertise convinced important customers in France and in neighboring countries.

Thibaud Le Séguillon, Industrya: Zozio is leading the digitalization of the industry. The easiness of deployment of its solution and its scalability has convinced us, and a number of marquee customers. The quality of the management team is also a key factor in our decision.

Together, let's make the industry more efficient, human and sustainable.
Bastin Triclot, CEO Zozio
What will be the first priority for this collaboration?

Steven Lambert, Capricorn Partners : Beyond the usual scalability of its operations, Zozio is also setting up a stellar team to enable to expansion into more countries in Europe, and apply its innovative platform in related domains.

Nicolas Biet, The Faktory Fund : Zozio must now structure a team that will allow it to grow rapidly, both with existing customers and in new countries, while maintaining the same level of knowledge of the business and of excellence for their customers.

Thibaud Le Séguillon, Industrya: First mover advantage and scale are critical in this market. Zozio needs to execute flawlessly its plan to grow fast in France, in Germany and in Europe.

How does the investment feel for you as founder?

Bastien Triclot, Zozio Founder : In my opinion, it is first of all a recognition of the work already done by the whole Zozio team. It is also a real satisfaction to have the team to reach our ambitious goals. Finally, it is a pride to have obtained the trust of renowned investors in the vision of Zozio.

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