Capricorn Partners invests in innovative growth companies. We aim to build a balanced portfolio across Europe and China.

As the complementarity between the European and the Chinese economy is so large and energizing, we decided to create a fund investing in innovative companies bridging these two economies.

Sector focus

We are sector agnostic investors and leverage Capricorn Partners' expertise in digital, health and clean technologies

Meaningful minority

Focus on tickets between 1.5 and 3 million euros with sufficient reserves to make follow-on investments

Investment stage

We invest in business that have proven their business at home OR with a defendable IP through break-through technology

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If your project meets these criteria, we welcome you to submit your pitch via

Even if your venture is in its early phases, your team is not yet complete, or your business plan needs further refinement, feel free to contact us, because we will help you in improving jointly the investment opportunity if we find merit in it.

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