Mainstay Medical announces commercial launch of ReActiv8® in Australia

8 March 2021

Mainstay Medical Holdings plc today announced the commercial launch in Australia of ReActiv8®, its implantable neurostimulation system to treat chronic low back pain. “Launching ReActiv8, our Restorative Neurostimulation therapy, commercially in Australia is a significant milestone for our global commercial expansion. Several top Australian physicians have been part of our clinical studies since inception and are among the most experienced globally in selecting and treating patients with ReActiv8. We are excited to make ReActiv8 commercially available to Australian physicians and their patients suffering from mechanical chronic low back pain,” said Jason Hannon, CEO of Mainstay. The first commercial ReActiv8 implant in Australia was conducted by Associate Professor Bruce Mitchell, Sports and Interventional Pain Physician and Director of Metro Pain Group in Melbourne, Australia.

More information on Mainstay’s website.