Capricorn Digital Growth Fund

The Capricorn Digital Growth Fund is the successor of the Capricorn ICT Arkiv Fund and dedicated to invest in data driven start-ups and scale-ups.

The fund had its first closing mid-2019 (see press release) and has at present € 66 million of commitments. Capricorn Digital Growth Fund is still open to new investors.

From data to actionable insights

The overall investment thesis of the Capricorn Digital Growth Fund is based on the fact that converting data into actionable insights increases the value of data driven companies. Data requires context to become information and associations to turn into knowledge, resulting in new insights. The real value of data lies in actionable insights.

Data science and artificial intelligence (AI) are key technologies in this journey from data to actionable insights.

Investment focus

The Fund will invest in data science and core AI technologies and their applications with a main focus on two verticals that will benefit substantially from a data driven approach: Digital Health and Industry 4.0.

Next to these focus areas, the investment team remains open to serendipity for data driven investments in adjacent areas. This investment focus overlaps partially with some deeptech investment themes.