Nexstim Plc is negotiating an assembly and distribution arrangement in China and a financing arrangement for the financing of its bring-to-market strategy in Europe and the US

- 16/10/2017

Helsinki, Finland: 16 October 2017 – Nexstim Plc (NXTMH:HEX, NXTMS:STO), a medical technology company developing and marketing pioneering navigated non-invasive brain stimulation systems for both therapeutic and diagnostic applications, is negotiating a potential assembly and distribution arrangement in China and a potential financing arrangement with a European growth debt provider.

Under the proposed assembly and distribution arrangement, the Chinese partner would assemble at its facilities certain Nexstim NBT® and NBS products and be appointed their distributor in China. Nexstim would grant the partner a license to market these Nexstim products in China under the Nexstim brand, but would otherwise retain all rights to its intellectual property and software. In order to implement the proposed arrangement, the parties are also investigating a financing arrangement where the partner would potentially grant Nexstim a loan of € 1 million and subscribe for shares in Nexstim in the aggregate subscription price of up to € 1 million.

More info on Nexstim’s website.