TruGenomix Partners with BlueBee to create the next generation Behavioral Science Data Ecosystem

- 20/05/2020

Rockville, MD and San Mateo, CA USA: 20 May 2020 – The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has unleashed global emotional trauma that is rapidly evolving into a mental health pandemic within the pandemic. While post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is often associated with combat or physical assault, this chronic psychiatric disorder can occur in people who experience a traumatic event, and the global COVID-19 pandemic is poised to create a mental health crisis with implications far outlasting the virus itself.

To best combat this, early identification of those at high risk of developing PTSD is essential. TruGenomix, in partnership with BlueBee, is leading the charge to revolutionize behavioral healthcare

from both a genomics and digital perspective. Current survey-based identification methods are subjective and clouded by the stigma surrounding mental health. Fortunately, recent advances in precision medicine have allowed for unbiased genomic and data-driven technologies to increase the accuracy and accessibility of behavioral and mental healthcare.

TruGenomix, a precision behavioral health company, emerged from the Illumina Accelerator program in 2018 and is focused on applying next-generation genomic diagnostics to improve healthcare for mental health patients. Today, TruGenomix announced its strategic partnership with BlueBee, the rapidly configurable omics data analysis platform provider. BlueBee is setup to optimize data flow from initial discovery through to clinical reporting. DNA, RNA, and methylation data sets from TruGenomix, complete with patient data and metadata, are aggregated on the BlueBee platform to train, model, and expand insights continuously using machine learning and artificial intelligence, with the goal of further elucidating biomarker-based risk assessment for PTSD and other behavioral health conditions.

More info on Bluebee’s website.