About us

Capricorn Partners wants to create both financial return and strategic value for its clients by investing in innovative companies that have a positive impact on people and the planet.

We offer a unique mix of technology and investment expertise, creating an ecosystem where the combination of investable capital, innovative ideas, capable entrepreneurship and business management leads to superior returns.

We constantly monitor emerging trends in a rapidly changing world to include them in future investment themes, all the while maintaining our ESG commitment.

Our history

Capricorn Venture Partners NV was established in early 1993 as a joint venture between Dr Jos B. Peeters and Baring Venture Partners Ltd. In December 1999, Dr Jos B. Peeters and Professor Philippe Haspeslagh, chairman of Capricorn Venture Partners, acquired the shares held by Baring (now ING).

Since then, the company has been operating as a partner-owned, independent management company. In line with its growth into a management company for alternative investment funds, the company was renamed Capricorn Partners in August 2019.

As an entrepreneur, you can count on Capricorn’s contribution to your future growth.

As an investor, you can rely on us for diversified and smart investment choices.

Our offering

Venture and growth capital

Our venture and growth capital fund range is a true reflection of Capricorn Partners’ focus on innovative sectors that drive change in today’s world, with digital technologies, health and clean technologies as the main investment areas. Inspired by the strength and influence of the Chinese economy in innovative sectors, we have an investment team managing a multi-sector fund with a two-way Europe-China focus.

Quest for Growth

Quest for Growth invests in both quoted and unquoted growth companies. The unquoted exposure can be built up through direct investments or indirectly through venture or growth capital funds. Geographically, Quest for Growth mostly focuses on European companies. Given the desire to invest in growth companies, the fund concentrates on industries and themes that are expected to produce higher than average growth. Not surprisingly, the three central areas of investment are digital, health and clean technologies.

Quoted equities

Quest Cleantech Fund and Quest+ are subfunds of the Quest Management Sicav. Both subfunds are actively managed and invest mainly in stocks of growth companies listed in Europe. The Cleantech subfund focuses on companies with products and services that lead to a cleaner or more efficient use of the earth's natural resources, such as energy, water, air and raw materials. The Quest+ investment strategy is broader and includes healthcare, healthy living, well-being, human development, smart industries and digitalisation.

Our Values

Partner with enterpreneurs

We speak your language

ESG commitment

Focus on innovative companies in digital, health and clean technologies

Deliver return on investment

Gives investors access to balanced portfolios

Board of directors


  • Prof. Philippe Haspeslagh
    Chairman of the remuneration committee


  • Dr. Jos B. Peeters

  • Mr. Yves Vaneerdewegh

  • Ms. Sabine Vermassen

  • Ms. Katrin Geyskens

  • Mr. Rob van der Meij

  • Ms. Liesbet Peeters
    Member of the audit and remuneration committee

  • Mr. Jan Cerfontaine
    Independent director
    Member of the remuneration committee

  • Ms. Hilde Famaey
    Independent director
    Chairman of the audit committee

  • Ms. Maud Watelet
    Independent director
    Member of the audit committee