Responsible investing

Core of our business

Responsible investing has always taken centre stage in Capricorn Partners’ mission and goal. As of the creation of the company as an independent asset manager in 1993, having a positive impact on people, society and the planet has been equally important compared to creating financial return and strategic value for clients.

Technological change and innovations have brought immeasurable benefits through improved health, productivity, and convenience. But new technologies may also bring unforeseen negative consequences into our society. Therefore, an asset manager that invests in technology-based innovative companies should consistently make well considered and evidence-based choices towards helping to build a future where technology serves humanity. We believe we can do that in the three domains that we focus our expertise on: digital, health and clean technologies.


Responsible investing at Capricorn Partners is much more than advertising fashionable acronyms like ESG, SDG and SFDR. We have introduced responsible investing across all stages of our investment processes, starting from establishing the fund thesis to sourcing deals and active management of our portfolios.

In the Venture and Growth Capital side of our business, sustainability data and its availability can still be a challenge at times, but transparency and integrity are key to the success, and we aim to share our learnings and expertise with all our stakeholders. This allows us and our business partners to continuously learn and refine our processes with relevant data and the right methodology throughout the lifetime of the funds we manage.

Regarding Quoted Equities Capricorn Partners developed a proprietary ESG-rating framework against which all holdings of the funds are screened. Capricon Partners pro-actively engages with the companies in its portfolios during meetings with management and through our direct voting in AGMs to ensure that our principles of Responsible Investing are upheld.


Every fund has a dedicated challenge. For the Capricorn Sustainable Chemistry Fund, that is evidently advancing green chemistry, the circular economy, and carbon-neutrality. Our Digital team looks at the impact of digital transformation. Our health practice looks to the sustainable improvements new technologies may have on the human health and the Fusion Team embraces the Capricorn ESG Policy through its transcontinental investment practice.

Quest Cleantech invests in companies that enable a more efficient use of the earth’s natural resources. Quest+ only invests in companies with a positive social and/or environmental impact. Both funds are awarded the Belgian Towards Sustainability label. Quest for Growth combines the Responsible Investment methodologies and sustainable investment goals of our Quoted Equities - and Venture Capital/Growth-teams.

For more information, please refer to Capricorn Partners' ESG Policy and Sustainability-related disclosures.

In 2020 Capricorn Partners became a signatory to the UN PRI and promised to adhere to the six principles of PRI Investing.