Capricorn Venture Partners leads financing round at c-LEcta and lays foundation for further corporate growth

- 04/09/2018

Leuven, Belgium: 4 September 2018 – Capricorn Venture Partners has lead a round of growth financing at c-LEcta, a leading biotechnology company focused on enzyme engineering and applications in regulated markets like food and pharma. The German investment company Beteiligungsmanagment Thuringen – bm|t – joined the equity round through its recent MFT Mittelstands-Fonds. The capital increase provides the company with growth capital as well as valuable access to an international network.

c-LEcta is a fully integrated biotechnology company based in Leipzig, Germany, with focus on enzyme engineering and application in regulated markets like food and pharma. c-LEcta currently employs around 60 people. The company is well diversified and covers a large part of the value chain from discovery to engineering to the commercial production of enzymes as well as the manufacturing of other high-quality biotechnology products, either as in-house developments or in close cooperation with the industry. Over the last five years, c-LEcta has conducted more than 30 enzyme engineering projects with a success rate of >90%. Only a few weeks ago, the company announced a major breakthrough as the first company to develop a process to enable the mass-production of a plant-based sweetener with a real sugar-like taste. In addition, two further food ingredient products with high market potential are in an advanced development stage and the project pipeline comprises several promising candidates addressing the multi-billion-euro food ingredients market. This growth financing is intended to raise c-LEcta to a new level and elevate the focused food ingredients from the project pipeline to commercial scale production.

More info on the on c-LEcta’s website.