Press release

Toyobo invests in U.S. biotech startup DMC Biotechnologies Inc.

8 March 2022

Toyobo Co., Ltd. invested in DMC Biotechnologies Inc. (DMC), a U.S. biotech startup based in Colorado, in January 2022.

Established in 2014, DMC is a biotech company that develops chemical products through precision microbe fermentation. Biochemical products are generally associated with low production efficiency, because unnecessary byproducts are generated when producing them. DMC was a pioneer in developing a standard process independent of the specific product or scale that is capable of selectively and efficiently producing the target chemical product by using its Dynamic Metabolic Control TM*1 precision fermentation technology. It is expected that DMC’s broad range of products, including pharmaceuticals, supplements and feed additives, are usable to help to realize a sustainable society.

Since it joined the Capricorn Sustainable Chemistry Fund (CSCF)*2, a European-based venture capital fund for chemistry-related fields, in 2018, Toyobo has been searching for startups that match its business. After being introduced to DMC by CSCF, Toyobo participated in DMC’s Series B3 fundraising4. Toyobo will start looking at ways to use the knowhow from DMC’s sophisticated fermentation process technologies to enhance the efficiency of making its bioproducts.

More info on Toyobo's website.