Spectricity raises € 14 million to deliver industry leading hyperspectral sensing to mobile and consumer devices

3 August 2021

Funding expands growth for tiny chip-size sensors for unimaginable new applications

Spectricity, a leading provider of hyperspectral sensing solutions for mobile and consumer devices, announced today a € 14 million (US$ 16 million) Series B funding round to further accelerate the development and mass production of hyperspectral sensors and imagers for high-volume, low-cost applications from wearables to smartphones and IoT devices. Hyperspectral sensing allows devices to “see” beyond what the naked eye can see. The sensor can tell you your heartbeat, the amount of oxygen in your blood or the hydration of your skin, while hyperspectral imagers can be used to perfectly match your skintone to cosmetics or to determine whether your food is fresh. Spectricity’s patented, spectral sensing technology is the only one in the world that can make professional grade sensor and imager solutions small and low power enough to fit a smartphone or a wearable device. This unique technology will bring a wide array of health, cosmetic, food and augmented reality applications to the pockets and/or the wrists of the consumers. Leading global investors including Atlantic Bridge, Capricorn Fusion China Fund, Shanghai Semiconductor Equipment and Material Fund (SSMEF) invested in this Series B round alongside Belgium Series A investors imec.xpand and XTRION. This round brings Spectricity to € 20 million in total funding to date.

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