Capricorn Sustainable Chemistry Fund

The Capricorn Sustainable Chemistry Fund (CSCF) achieved its first milestone capital closing at € 50 million in December 2016 and closed its fund raising in December 2018 with a committed capital of € 86.5 million.

CSCF is aiming to capture the growing opportunities emerging from a pressing need for novel feedstock, innovative and sustainable processes, better functional materials, food & feed products, fibers and jet fuels.

The fund aims to combine financial returns with a material contribution to and a front-runner view on developments in sustainable and novel feedstocks, chemical and advanced materials, processes and products.

CSCF focusses on investment opportunities in Europe and North America, but will also consider investments in other regions of the world. The fund will invest in companies that are in revenue stage or pre-revenue stage provided that the technologies and products are disruptive and have the potential to significantly address global markets.