New England Biolabs and Bluebee partner to deliver an end-to-end data analysis solution for NEBNext direct target enrichment

- 08/02/2018

Rijswijk, The Netherlands and Ipswich, USA: 8 February 2018 – Bluebee, a company driving global genomic data-driven medicine, and New England Biolabs, Inc. (NEB®) have partnered to provide a secure and convenient data processing solution for NEB’s NEBNext Direct target enrichment technology. Through this partnership, Bluebee enables NEB’s NEBNext Direct customers the ability to rapidly analyze, store and manage large amounts of sequencing data using an analysis pipeline that is tailored to the unique features of the approach.

NEBNext Direct employs a unique hybridization-based enrichment workflow that hybridizes baits directly to genomic DNA, without the need for upfront library preparation. Incorporation of a unique molecule index, or UMI, allows for improved accuracy in predicting variant allele frequencies, by enabling marking of duplicate molecules, as well as consensus variant calling for the removal of false positive errors.

The Bluebee platform is designed for team-based genomic research and for the collaborative exchange of analysed genomics data with both internal and external customers, while strictly adhering to local data residency demands.

More info on Bluebee’s website.