Second Nexstim NBT® system ordered by Island Psychiatry PC, US

- 03/07/2019

Helsinki, Finland: 3 July 2019 – Nexstim Plc (NXTMH:HEX, NXTMS:STO) – the targeted neuromodulation company developing and marketing pioneering navigated personalized, non-invasive brain stimulation systems for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) – announces that Island Psychiatry PC has ordered a second  Nexstim NBT® system based on the unique SmartFocus™ TMS technology.

Island Psychiatry is a well-regarded TMS therapy provider located in Long Island, New York. It was the first clinic in the United States to order a Nexstim NBT® system shortly after the system was launched in May 2018. Island Psychiatry has used the NBT® system for the treatment of patients with MDD.

Further information is available on Nexstim’s website.