Capricorn Partners invests in Zeopore Technologies to bring its novel zeolite catalyst technologies to market

- 28/08/2020

Leuven, Belgium: 28 August 2020 – Capricorn Partners has led a successful financing round of Zeopore Technologies NV, a leading Belgian technology developer, active in the commercialization of cost-effective mesoporous zeolites for catalytic applications.

Capricorn Partners invests from its Capricorn Sustainable Chemistry Fund. The proceeds will be used to accelerate the commercialization of its technology platform for key refining and petrochemical processes, to expand its knowledge and equipment base for industrial catalytic testing and to pursue emerging opportunities in chemical conversion of plastic waste.

Existing shareholders Innovation Fund, Gemma Frisius Fund and KU Leuven also joined the round. Wouter van de Putte and Rob van der Meij, of Capricorn Partners: “We are impressed with Zeopore’s unique approach of mesoporisation and with their significant commercial traction. We look forward to accelerating the scale up and market entry. Zeopore is also a great example of the innovation eco-system around the KU Leuven and we are proud to be part of that.”

Following successful validation trials for major refining processes, the company is now negotiating joint development and licensing agreements with major catalyst developers and refining companies around the world.

More information on Zeopore’s website.