Capricorn welcomes Prof. Bart De Moor as Chairman of the Capricorn Digital Growth Fund

16 November 2020

Bart De Moor is a full professor at the KULeuven at the Department of Electrical Engineering, and a guest professor at the University of Siena. His research interests are in numerical linear algebra, optimization, algebraic geometry, systems and control theory, data driven AI and machine learning with applications in the process industry and bio-medical big data processing. During his career, he co-founded 8 spinoff companies, 7 of which are still active (,, (acquired by Software AG), (acquired by Agilent),,, Since 2018, he is one of the architects and coordinators of the AI Program of the Flemish Government (research, valorisation, education, ethics). Full details about his resume and his publications can be found at . Katrin Geyskens, partner at Capricorn states “Because of his background and interests, Bart is the perfect combination of cutting-edge academic AI knowledge and entrepreneurship. Previous spin-off companies in which Bart was involved were targeting applications in the healthcare area as well as in non-healthcare. As Bart was previously part of the Advisory Board of the Capricorn ICT Arkiv Fund, he knows the Capricorn team and our way of working well. We are honoured that he accepted to take up the role of Chairman in our Capricorn Digital Growth Fund.” The Capricorn Digital Growth Fund invests in data science and core AI technologies and their applications with a main focus on two verticals that will benefit substantially from a data driven approach: Digital Health and Industry 4.0. The fund invested already in the Ghent-based Indigo Diabetes ( who is working on a nextgen invisible glucose monitor, and in Gradyent (, a Dutch start-up developing digital twins to optimize district heating networks. The Capricorn Digital Growth Fund currently has more than € 50 million capital committed and still is open to new investors.