Game-changing catalytic dewaxing: Zeopore reaches 30°C cloud point improvement while keeping diesel yield loss under 2wt%, confirmed in a high throughput testing campaign at hte GmbH

30 June 2021

Making diesel winter-proof is currently an expensive process as refiners face high diesel yield losses or have to turn to expensive additives or kerosene blending. The GmbH examined the catalytic dewaxing performance of Zeopore's proprietary zeolite mesoporization technology in its high throughput testing facility using industrial feeds and process conditions. The results are phenomenal: Zeopore reaches 5 times lower diesel yield loss at high cloud point or pour point improvements, compared to an industrial reference zeolite. Zeopore reaches a 30°C cloud point improvement while keeping diesel yield loss well below 2wt%. Furthermore, Zeopore's catalytic dewaxing innovation reduces capacity-limiting gas formation, improves product slate composition, and maintains favorable zeolite activities and lifetimes. Zeopore's unique tunable mesoporization technology is economically attractive for catalyst manufacturers and refiners, even more in sustainable processes delivering renewable fuels.

More information on Zeopore’s website.