Indigo Diabetes initiates first clinical study of its continuous glucose monitoring sensor

18 March 2021

Ground-breaking subcutaneous sensor aims to continuously monitor multiple metabolites including ketones in people living with diabetes

Indigo Diabetes NV, a pioneering developer of medical solutions using nanophotonics, announces that its continuous multi-metabolite (‘CMM’) sensor has been successfully implanted subcutaneously in the first three participants of its first clinical study, designed to evaluate the device. Indigo’s CMM sensor is in development for the continuous measurement of glucose, ketone and lactate levels in people living with diabetes. Indigo is developing its CMM sensor as part of a next generation of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (‘CGM’) systems, designed to give people living with diabetes access to information on their glucose and other metabolite levels at any given time, without requiring them to wear an external device on their body. The GLOW study (listed on under the identifier NCT04782934), will be conducted at the Antwerp University Hospital, Belgium, and will enroll seven participants. It is a prospective, single-center early feasibility study designed to evaluate the safety of the sensor and the short-term integration into the tissue.

More information on Indigo’s website.