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Quest Cleantech partners with EcoRally Cup's first Belgian participant for a green revolution in Durbuy

From June 22 to 24, the very first Ecorally in Belgium took place in picturesque Durbuy. This very first Belgian Ardenne Ecorally is the brainchild of Antoine Dechamps. Antoine is the very first Belgian participant in the FIA EcoRally Cup. He has already participated with his Volkswagen ID.4 in the prestigious E-Rallye Monte Carlo and in official FIA Ecorallies in Valencia, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

The Quest Cleantech fund partnered with Antoine's team on the occasion of the very first Ecorally in Belgium. Our logo has recently been added on Antoine's car and today we are giving Antoine the opportunity to immerse us in the green world of the Ecorally.

Dear Antoine, what exactly should we understand of the concept of an Ecorally? Is it similar to rallies as we have known them for years?

Antoine Dechamps: No, absolutely not. While a rally with Thierry Neuville, for example, is all about adrenaline, speed and spectacle, an Ecorally is all about driving pleasure, regularity and the road code. But it remains a competition, with its own rules!

What exactly are the rules? Can just anyone participate?

AD: All participants drive a standard electric car, without any modifications. The car I participate with, is also my car for my daily trips. Basically, anyone who has a 100% electric car can participate, whether it's a Renault Zoë or a Porsche Taycan, it doesn't matter. Hybrid models are not allowed. All participants will receive a roadbook for the co-pilot, containing very detailed road directions. The team that performs best on regularity and consumption will cross the line as the winner. Whoever best approaches a predetermined average speed while keeping their consumption sufficiently low compared to the official figures of WLTP wins the rally. But beware, those who slow down and reaccelerate too often will see their consumption increase rapidly.

For more than 15 years, Quest Cleantech has been investing in companies that offer products or services that help us reduce carbon emissions.
Antoine Dechamps
How well known is the Ecorally in Belgium?

AD: Compared to Formula 1 or the World Rally Championship, the Ecorally is definitely the little brother. But our fame and popularity is rising tremendously. So we are getting support from major players like the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile and Bridgestone for organizing the FIA Ecorally and from Volkswagen in organizing the very first Ardenne Ecorally in Durbuy. We received only positive feedback from the city, the sponsors and from the participants. We all have the same goal in mind: publicity for electric and economical driving. People still suffer from empty battery fear as a barrier to electric driving, but that is unjustified. I always drive my own car to every Ecorally I have participated in: Monte Carlo, Valencia, Czech Republic or Portugal. I never had an empty battery. We are also seeing increasing interest from the business world. Just look at your own fund, Quest Cleantech, which has become a sponsor.

How do you see the collaboration between your team, ADE Ecorally, and a mutual fund?

AD: For me, it's a clear win-win. For more than 15 years, Quest Cleantech has been investing in companies that offer products or services that help us reduce carbon emissions. This is also what we want to achieve in the Ecorally, together with the FIA and our sponsors. Quest Cleantech is most likely investing in several companies whose products are also in my car. Then the Quest Cleantech logo will certainly not be out of place on my car.

What does the near future hold for the ADE Ecorally team?

AD: This year we are still participating in the Ecorally in Slovenia (Nova Gorica) and the Spanish Ecorally in Bilbao. In the mean time, we prepare for the biggest and most important race of the year: the E-Rallye Monte Carlo. Next year we will organize another Ecorally in Durbuy. The exact date is not fixed yet, we are trying to get a place on the calendar of the FIA Ecorally. But we will certainly keep you informed!

We wish you good luck!

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