Avantium acquires Liquid Light

- 21/12/2016

Amsterdam, the Netherlands: 21 December 2016 – Avantium, a leading chemical technology company and forerunner in renewable chemistry announced today it has acquired the assets of Liquid Light Inc. (Liquid Light) a renowned developer of electrochemical processes. Liquid Light has developed proprietary process technology to make major chemicals from low-cost, globally-abundant carbon dioxide (CO2). The acquisition combines the technologies of both Liquid Light and Avantium to develop a world leading electro-catalysis platform and to commercialize new process technologies using CO2 as feedstock to produce sustainable chemicals and materials.

Liquid Light, which was spun out from Princeton University in 2008, has invested more than US$35 million on low-energy electrochemistry technologies to convert CO2 to major chemicals. It has filed over 100 national patent applications of which more than twenty have been granted. Their patent portfolio includes filings on producing multiple chemical building blocks used in large existing markets, including oxalic acid, glycolic acid, ethylene glycol, propylene, isopropanol, methyl-methacrylate and acetic acid for the production of polymers, coatings and cosmetics.

More info on Avantium’s website.