Press release

Acquisition of HalioDx closed

3 August 2021

Veracyte Inc. has announced that the transaction to acquire HalioDx SAS, which was referred to in the press release of Quest for Growth of 1 June 2021, was successfully closed. HalioDx is a private immuno-oncology diagnostic company based in Marseille, France. Quest for Growth has invested in the company in 2017.

The closing of the transaction has an additional positive impact on the net asset value of Quest for Growth of approximately € 1.8 million or € 0.11 per share, which will be included in the net asset value calculation of the end of August, to be published on 2 September 2021. The total positive impact of the sale of HalioDX on the net asset value evolution of Quest for Growth in 2021 is estimated at approximately € 7.5 million or € 0.45 per share.