Press release

Capricorn Partners leads € 4 million round investing in French company Zozio to internationalize their digital platform for factory logistics

10 May 2022

To scale their business internationally, Zozio signs with Capricorn Partners, Industrya and The Faktory Fund a € 4 million fundraising. This represents a significant boost for Zozio in its quest to become the European leader in Industry 4.0 based on their unique digital platform of the factory logistics. Today, Zozio is already working with well-known players such as L'Oréal, Saint-Gobain, Renault and Daher.

What will the fundraising allow ?

Zozio aims to become the logistics platform of reference in the industry of tomorrow with their unique AI-backed platform equipped for predictive logistics. To achieve this, the start-up will triple its workforce to further expand its solution offering for manufacturing players across Europe. These funds will also be used to expand the company internationally, including channel partnerships and a new office in Germany this year.

What is the Zozio solution?

Zozio‘s solution allows their customers to optimise the flow of their factories, by collecting, visualising and analysing field data real-time within your industrial site and outside. The technical operator is thus freed from manual, repetitive tasks, while the operational manager is assisted in his decision making for logistical planning. The factory is more efficient, improves the working conditions of the operators and minimises the waste of resources.