Press release

Capricorn Partners leads Series A investment round of € 5.4 million in the Belgian company Bingli to further accelerate its AI-based smart medical interview

4 October 2022

Antwerpen, 3 October 2022 - Bingli today announced receiving € 5.4 million in investment from Capricorn Partners, White Fund and UCB to fund its expansion and product development. Bingli is a fast-growing digital healthcare company that focuses on improving clinical decision-making with smart questionnaires. Capricorn Partners led the funding round via their Capricorn Digital Growth Fund and was joined by White Fund, a investment fund focused on MedTech, and UCB, a multinational biopharmaceutical company.

Thanks to its smart medical interview, Bingli helps healthcare professionals boost clinical and operational efficacy in a variety of different care settings. In addition, Bingli’s solutions can improve patient experience and access to healthcare services by removing language barriers and reducing waiting times. Bingli will use the funding to further develop clinically relevant solutions to optimize information gathering and insight creation in the healthcare sector, and to expand to new markets, focusing on Europe and the USA.

The investors strongly believe that Bingli’s AI-powered medical consultation platform is a unique tool for hospitals and healthcare partners to leverage information and to improve efficacy and patient experience, from pre-diagnosis stage to treatment follow-up.

  • Antoine D’Hollander, Investment Manager at Capricorn Partners, remarks, “Our investment strategy focusses on companies that turn data into actionable insights by using explainable AI, and this is what Bingli is all about. We see the huge potential of Bingli generating new health data and using it to improve both clinical outcomes as improve operational efficiencies. The way Bingli helps physicians in making better decisions and bringing back empathy in healthcare is the future of how digital innovation should be used in healthcare.”

  • Philippe Stas, Executive Committee Member at White Fund observes, “We know that there is a huge challenge in digitalization of healthcare, and there’s still a lot of work to be done, especially in hospitals. We were impressed with the progress made by the company and believe that they provide an essential piece in the digitalization movement.

  • And Erik Janssen, Global Head of digital care transformation at UCB notes, “We’ve seen the power and value of Bingli in early identification and diagnosis of patients in for example rare diseases and rheumatology. We are pleased to contribute to the further growth of the product and company, to help patients reach better outcomes and experiences in their care journey in a more efficient way.”

Bingli’s core mission is to have better healthcare at a lower cost with improved outcomes for patients and practitioners. “We’re honoured to have these experienced investors join our exciting journey. We’re very proud of their trust in Bingli’s stellar team, and their confidence in Bingli’s growth potential. With their specific know-how and support, we aim to help hospitals and doctors improve healthcare, one question at a time,” says Tom van de Putte, Co-Founder and CEO of Bingli. Piet Van de Steen, Co-Founder and Chief Medical & Innovation Officer, adds “As a medical doctor, I believe in the power of AI to assist us in better decision making and am proud that this consortium is boosting us in helping to make doctor visits more enjoyable, while at the same time improving quality and efficiency of care.”

More information on Bingli's website