Press release

Dividend and modalities for optional dividend approved

31 March 2022

Dividend and modalities for optional dividend approved

The general meeting of shareholders of Quest for Growth has decided to distribute for the financial year ending on 31 December 2021 a dividend of 19,045,714.27 euros. This amounts to a gross dividend for the ordinary shares of 1.0179 euro per share (net: 1.00 euro per share).

The shareholders will have the choice for the distribution of the result between (i) the contribution of their dividend rights to the company’s capital in exchange for new shares in its ordinary stock, (ii) the cash payment of the dividend rights or (iii) a combination of the two previous options.

The board of directors defined the issuance modalities for the proposed increase of the share capital by means of optional dividend.

The issue price per new ordinary share in the context of the optional dividend is calculated as follows:

a) the average closing Euronext Brussels prices for the Quest for Growth share between 24 March 2022 and 30 March 2022: 8.46 euro

b) decreased with the gross dividend that is to be distributed for the financial year 2021 to the holders of ordinary shares and to the holders of preference shares divided by the total number of shares issued by the company: 1.1354 euro

On the amount resulting from points (a) and (b) above a discount of 18.08% was granted to the holders of the ordinary shares.

The board of directors of Quest for Growth has hereby set the issue price per new ordinary share at 6 euro. The number of dividend rights that need to be contributed to qualify for one new ordinary share (the “exchange ratio”) is 6, i.e. one new ordinary share for 6 dividend rights.

The shareholders can make their choice between 7 April 2022 and 19 April 2022 (the “option period”). The coupons nr. 15, representing the dividend right attached to the ordinary shares, will not be quoted nor traded on the stock market during the option period.